About Us

Choosing to freelance often means...no Traditional job comforts we at Klorah are building an invoicing/payments software that takes small bits of client transactions and invests them for you as a freelancer toward your retirement and other traditional job comforts

Who are we? 

Elvin Atwine
Founder & CEO

19 year old Ex freelance athletic photographer and YouTube. Previously (at 16 years old) lead a team of creatives to launch a clothing brand in Pennsylvania that sold out within the first 16 minutes

Ammanuel Gizaw

A creative Software engineer with a track Record of turning conceptual ideas to fast growing businesses, lead developer at a 3D printable NFT marketplace and created a trusted property management software used by over 10,000 residents in less than a year

Liv Kevlin
Director of staffing

Creating a safe & positive work environment for anyone & everyone. Somewhere for creatives to be their best selves & thrive.

Drew Jackson

The lead developer of a finance game, educating and entertaining over 100,000 players and building a community of thousands in under a year. Currently studying computer science at Millersville University of Pennsylvania.